Sunday 10 June 2007

Because I'm afraid

A prayer by Kim Fabricius

It’s because I’m afraid, Lord.

I’m afraid of you:
afraid of your presence,
afraid of your absence,
afraid of what you expose and what you demand.

I’m afraid of me:
afraid of what I know,
afraid of what I don’t know,
afraid of what I might discover.

I’m afraid of others:
afraid they’ll get too close,
afraid they’ll let me down,
afraid they’ll challenge and change me.

It’s because I’m afraid, Lord,
that I hide from you,
lie to myself,
and shut out others.

Lord, love my fears away,
so that I may trust and serve you,
accept myself without deceit,
and reach out to embrace others:


Dustin said...

Another fantastic prayer, Kim. I always appreciate how sincere and emotion-laden your prayers are. Thank you again for sharing them.

Anonymous said...


michael jensen said...

Our preacher said today that 'do not be afraid' is the most common command in the Bible...

Weekend Fisher said...

And the choir said, "Amen!" Thank you.

An Anxious Anglican said...

Amazing and profound.

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