Monday 11 June 2007

The book meme continues

Believe it or not, the one book meme (started nearly a year ago) is still making the rounds: see the four most recent posts. Maybe it’s time to start a new meme – any suggestions?


Tripp said...

how about a 'one seminary meme' where you name x number of professors to teach at a new school should you get to pick the staff? pick a person for each area of study or something.

Anonymous said...

How about a "favorite sensations" meme? e.g.
the smell of ___
the sight of ___
the taste of ___
the sound of ___

Or favorite places for different moods? (Like the "one book meme": one place that made you laugh, one place that made you cry, etc.)

Halden said...

I still want to lobby for people offering a critique of their favorite theologians. A few people picked that one up during April, but I never saw one from you, Ben! :o)

Laura Springer said...

I'm with Tripp. A 'one seminary' meme!

a. steward said...

A Junk Food Meme (Absolutely nothing may cost more than $5, or whatever the equivalent is in Aussie greenbacks):

Chip - (Salt & Pepper Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips)
$1 Value Menu Item (Carl's Jr. Spicy Chicken)
Ice Cream - (Tillamook Marion Berry Pie)
Candy Bar - (Snickers)
Sweet Candy - (Purple Skittles)
Sour Candy - (Green Skittles)

Aghaveagh said...

OK! You've been tagged! Go to my blog for instructions at

d. w. horstkoetter said...

I've got an idea: In your opinion, theologically, what is the worst song, ever? And why?

Here's my response to my own question.

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