Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Here and there

Halden discusses radical trinitarianism, and he also describes a fascinating and unlikely debate about same-sex relationships. In case there was any doubt, Shane makes it clear that Thomas Aquinas is not a semi-Pelagian, while Aaron asks who can hope, and Michael raises the important question whether jazz is the meaning of life.

Meanwhile, Andy asks whether Moltmann is a theological giant (the answer is No: but Pannenberg is another story). Scott gives some nice insight into theology at Aberdeen, and he also alerts us to some online lectures by Slavoj Žižek (I was especially interested in these, since I’m currently reading Žižek’s Interrogating the Real). Last but not least, Chris has come up with own new statement of biblical inerrancy (here and here) – and for his trouble, he was even branded a “faithless demagogue”!


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