Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Kim's ten confessions

Here is Kim’s contribution to the new meme.

I confess that:

1. I think a lot more about baseball and sex (the order varies, particularly in the off season) than God.

2. I much prefer Mark to John (a little less conversation, a little more action, please), and the wit of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde to the wisdom of Solomon.

3. I find the state of the church – and not only denominationalism but also the snake oils of managerialism, therapeutics, and the latest “vision thing” – to be much more threatening to my faith in God than the reality of suffering.

4. I consider the doctrine of biblical inerrancy to be a veritable compendium of Christian heresies.

5. I stand in awe at the edifice of Roman Catholic theology, as one might stand before Chartres Cathedral – or the Tower of Babel.

6. I hold in equal contempt ministers who do not read theology and theologians who do not read poetry and fiction.

7. I have no time for the cultured despisers of the Enlightenment on the one hand and of “postmodernism” (curate’s egg that it is) on the other, and I seriously doubt the intelligence of people who consider the likes of Foucault and Derrida to be “intellectual impostors.”

8. I am vexed by the abyss between the beauty of eucharistic theology and the banality of eucharistic practice.

9. I am uncomfortable with Christians who never swear, as if, missing a chromosome, they are less than truly human.

10. I find the telephone to be a necessary irritation, but the mobile phone to be the invention of Antichrist.


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