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Ben Myers (Founder)

Ben Myers is director of The Millis Institute in Brisbane, where he teaches theology, literature, and philosophy. He is also a research fellow of the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology at Charles Sturt University. He taught theology for many years in Sydney and has been a research fellow at the University of Queensland, a visiting scholar at Fuller Seminary, and a fellow of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton. Ben is the author of several books, including The Apostles' Creed: A Guide to the Ancient Catechism and Christ the Stranger: The Theology of Rowan Williams. A complete list of Ben's publications can be found here. He tweets at @_BenMyers_.

Kim Fabricius

Kim Fabricius was born in Queens and raised in Huntington, Long Island. He majored in English at Wesleyan University (1966-70). After graduation he hit the road, travelling widely in Europe and Asia and getting up to a heap of no-good. In the mid-1970s he settled and worked on a farm in the south of England, where Love mugged him, hugged him, and finally bugged him into faith and ministry. He read theology at Mansfield College, Oxford (1979-81), and then became the pastor of Bethel United Reformed Church, Swansea and a chaplain at Swansea University (1982-2013). He retired and continued to live in Swansea until his death in 2018. He was a contributor of articles, book reviews, prayers, and hymns to magazines, journals, and anthologies. He also posted regularly at Connexions, and was the author of Propositions on Christian Theology: A Pilgrim Walks the Plank and Paddling by the Shore: Hymns of Kim Fabricius

Steve Wright

Steve Wright is an Australian living in Manchester, England, where he teaches theology for Nazarene Theological College. Steve teaches primarily in the area of Christian theology, but he also reads and writes on aesthetics, photography, music, and Japanese culture. Before forsaking the sun for England, he taught for the Salvation Army at Booth College in Sydney. Steve is the author of Dogmatic Aesthetics: A Theology of Beauty in Dialogue with Robert W. Jenson and the editor of one of Jenson's final published works: Theology as Revisionary Metaphysics: Essays on God and Creation. He tweets at @kweh.


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