Tuesday 26 June 2007

A spreading meme

Here are some of the contributions to the new out of the closet meme – I’ll update this list as more posts are added:

Philosophy over Coffee
Sub Ratione Dei
The Ivy Bush
Journey Toward Grace
Catholic in the Third Millennium
Renewed Theology
Ponderings on a Faith Journey (again)
A Greater Courage
A Man Called Preach
Exiled Preacher
Flying Farther (again)
Deep Furrows (again)
Inhabitatio Dei (again!)
Armless But Not Harmless
One Thing I Know
P. T. Forsyth Files
Sean the Baptist
Semper Reformanda
A Skinny Fairtrade Latte
Paul Whiting
Waiting Room of the World
Leaving Münster
Per Caritatem
Progression of Faith
Mind Splatterings
Imaginations in Unity
Loretta’s Basement
Striped Theology
Nothing New under the Sun
Your Own Personal Jesus
The New Perspective on Rob
A Thinker’s Progress
Kim Fabricius
Ponderings on a Faith Journey
Fallen into Knowledge
Jim West
The Normal Christian Life
Inhabitatio Dei
Aaron Ghiloni
Deep Furrows
The Fire and the Rose
Homilia of a NT Scholar
Flying Farther

And it’s good to see that Benedict XVI himself has decided to participate in this meme – he writes: “I confess: when I turned 70 (ten years ago), I would have so much desired that the beloved John Paul II would allow me to dedicate myself to study and research.” Yep, we’ve all been there….


Anonymous said...

Jim West has posted his, too. They are actually funny- especially his admission that he might like Zwingli just a little too much. No, really? :-)

Robert Cornwall said...

I'm posted mine also -- And this is both difficult and perhaps good for the soul!

derek said...

Hey Ben, here are mine:


Anonymous said...

Whoops! Your link to the "New Perspective on Rob" is wrong, Ben. It links back to Kim Fabricius confessions.

Ben Myers said...

Thanks, Michael -- now fixed.

byron smith said...

Here's mine - thanks for collecting!

byron smith said...

Here's another I just came across.

a. steward said...


Dustin said...

I've posted mine as well.


Cynthia R. Nielsen said...

And yet another.



graham old said...

Late to the party, here are my confessions.

Sam Charles Norton said...

My thirty-five pennies worth here.

Aric Clark said...

they keep on coming in. Here's mine

Anonymous said...

I've very much enjoyed these, even when I disagreed. And Byron's funny rebuke to the whole idea was amusing, too.

Jim West commented on mine that this meme has been "revealing," and I certainly agree. I think we have all gained insights into each others' humanity--in a mostly edifying way.

One more: I confess that I find it easier to memorize lines from novels and movies than to memorize Scripture. That just HAS to be sinful, or, at least, a failing of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Wow, my link went to Kim Fabricus. That was a definite boost to my breadth of thought! Now I have something to live up to!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ben, about the Pope's quote that he wished John Paul II had let him go off and study about ten years ago? I confess I can think of at least a dozen Catholic theologians this minute who would reply, "Yeah, we wish he would have let you go off and study, too."

Aric Clark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aric Clark said...

Yet another one popped up here.

Thom Stark said...

Here's mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Belatedly here are mine:


Anonymous said...


I think mine is the first one in Chinese:


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. I've caved in to the pressure too. Bugger.

danielg said...

I made a second theological meme which others might want to try.

If you do, let me know and I can list your version at my site.

Guy Davies said...

Here's my confessions:


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