Tuesday 12 June 2007

Karl Barth blogging conference

Travis is hosting the first Karl Barth Blog Conference (in anticipation of this year’s Princeton Barth Conference, which will commence later this month).

The blog conference will focus on Barth’s great work on Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century. Each day (until 23 June), Travis will feature a guest-post on this work – and I’ll be contributing some concluding reflections at the end.

See the two initial posts – and be sure to keep an eye on the series as it unfolds over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve got a theology blog, you might also consider adding a temporary widget to your sidebar (as I’ve done here).


W. Travis McMaken said...

Thanks for the publicity, Ben! I hope that some of your readers will head on over and start some good conversations.

David Williamson said...

How exciting!

Barth should be the patron saint of the Blogosphere.

The unfathomable size of this network of communicators mirrors the interstellar and operatic sweep of his Dogmatics.

I do hope there will MP3s from the Princeton conference!

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