Sunday, 1 July 2007

Inhabitatio Dei

In case you had’t noticed, the very best theological blogging at the moment is taking place over at Halden’s blog, Inhabitatio Dei. Halden is in the midst of a brilliant series on radical trinitarianism, and yesterday he posted a wonderfully grumpy polemic against Radical Orthodoxy, as well as a probing critique of George Hunsinger’s reading of Robert Jenson.

Speaking of Jenson-criticism, I recently posted a critique of Oliver Crisp’s reading of Jenson, and I pointed out that Crisp’s article “hasn’t made the necessary imaginative effort of entering into the writer’s own thought, in order to critique that thought from within.”

Well, if you want to read a much better critique of Jenson – a critique arising from a real engagement with Jenson – then you should check out Paul Cumin’s excellent new article: “Robert Jenson and the Spirit of It All: Or, You (Sometimes) Wonder Where Everything Else Went,” Scottish Journal of Theology 60:2 (2007), 161-79.


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