Sunday 24 June 2007

Brevard Childs

Jim West relates the sad news that Brevard Childs has died. Kevin Wilson has posted a moving personal tribute to this great scholar.

Walter Brueggemann once said of Childs: “The late twentieth century is not an easy place for faithfulness. In a daring way, Childs has shown us what faithfulness might now mean. His reading is indeed ‘against the stream.’ He may, in the end, even reverse the flow of soft-minded, embarrassed theological accommodation.”

There’s a helpful site devoted to Childs’ writings here.


David W. Congdon said...

This is very sad news. The "helpful site" you mention is, in fact, the work of my cousin. :) You'll want to update your link, though, to this:

Anonymous said...

Yale Divinity School has FINALLY put up a brief obituary. It seems Childs died from a fall at his home!

I think he influenced theologians (especially Barthians) more than most biblical scholars, but I feel his loss deeply. I have posted a brief tribute.

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