Monday 31 October 2005

Scottish Journal of Theology

The November issue of SJT is out now, and it includes some excellent theological scholarship. It’s available online if your library is a subscriber. Here are the contents (with some of my own comments added):

Brevard S. Childs, “Speech-act theory and biblical interpretation”
[A thoroughgoing criticism of N. Wolterstorff’s speech-act hermeneutic, and a more appreciative engagement with A. Thiselton.]

Wolfgang Vondey, “The Holy Spirit and time in contemporary Catholic and Protestant theology”
[A very fine article, which presents a pneumatological approach to time on the basis of a theology of the cross, and in engagement with contemporary cosmology.]

Ian A. McFarland, “‘Naturally and by grace’: Maximus the Confessor on the operation of the will”

Julie Canlis, “Being made human: the significance of creation for Irenaeus’ doctrine of participation”

Christine E. Joynes, “The returned Elijah? John the Baptist’s angelic identity in the Gospel of Mark”

A. N. Williams, “Does ‘God’ exist?”
[A provocative trinitarian critique of the term “God,” which argues that Christian discourse would be better off without this term, or at least with a far more circumspect and self-critical use of the term.]

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