Saturday 15 October 2005

Breaking news: Barth apologises to Zwingli!

Jim West has recently been holding some private discussions with Zwingli. And I suggested this morning that Jim should ask Zwingli what he thinks about Karl Barth's criticisms of Zwinglian theology. I assumed, naturally, that Zwingli would humbly explain that he has changed many of his views now that he has had the opportunity to read Barth's works in the Celestial Library (and to talk with Barth personally, whenever Mozart leaves the room for a few minutes).

But in a startling turn of events, Barth has now retracted his criticisms of Zwingli, even praising Zwingli's theology over that of both Luther and Calvin.

As you will already have realised, this can mean only one thing: up there in heaven, Barth obviously overheard Zwingli speaking highly of Mozart, just after he had heard Luther and Calvin confessing to a preference for Bach.


Jim said...

I think that might be the underlying reason after all!

Anonymous said...

In what way will this affect his forthcoming completion volume to the Church Dogmatics?

Ben Myers said...

Hmmm, good question. As far as I know he is still so busy talking to Mozart that he hasn't yet had time to do any further work on the Dogmatics....

existentialist said...

I thought Karl Barth was reposed. How do you hold private conversations with a reposed theologian?
I am so glad you metioned Karl Barth! Keep writing about him please. I want to read this book called Woman and the Salvation of the World by Paul Evdokimov and he mentions Karl Barth on the first page and that was a stumbling block cause as I have mentioned I have no idea who Karl Barth is! I intend to look him up on the Christian Wikipedia...

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