Thursday 6 October 2005

The best experience in dogmatics

“Dogmatics does not require us to say the last word. What must be said in all circumstances is not the last word by which we stand or fall. We can and should be allowed to make mistakes. We must have the courage to make statements that will need to be revised, the courage not to be prejudiced and block any further advance. This courage frees us from the obligation to get everything right—that is the best experience in dogmatics.”

—Gerhard Sauter, Gateways to Dogmatics: Reasoning Theologically for the Life of the Church (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2003), p. 274.


Chris Tilling said...

These words inspire me!

What did you think of the book as a whole?

Ben Myers said...

I like Sauter, and this book is very good -- it especially emphasises the rationality of theological thinking.

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