Thursday 13 October 2005


Joe Cathey has started up an wishlist, and I thought I would follow suit. I have created this wishlist (consisting mainly of recently-released or soon-to-be-released books), and I’ve added a link to the list at the bottom of the sidebar. Don’t worry though: I’m not hoping that anyone will actually buy anything—I only thought the list might be interesting, since it gives a snapshot of some of the books I’ll be trying to read in the months ahead.


Michael F. Bird said...


Forget Ludemann on the resurrection. I think Allison and Segal would be better for a non-conservative view. Don't bother with Keener on John - it is nowhere as good as his Matthew commentary. Don't bother with Dunn (since you have access to "Jesus Remembered" at UQ).

Bravo on Webster, Watson, Baird and Vanhoozer.

Oh, why isn't Wright's "The Last Word" on your list!

Chris Tilling said...

I’m not hoping that anyone will actually buy anything...

Oh we know what you're doing here! There's no kidding me ;-)

Actually, I'm thinking of doing the same, only I plan, along with similar rhetoric as yours, to also innocently slip in mention of how broke I am, that my 30th birthday is around the corner, that my wife will meat-cleaver me to death if I buy another book in the next 6 months etc.

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