Thursday 6 October 2005

Kierkegaard and Socrates

The latest issue of the Søren Kierkegaard Newsletter has just arrived in the mail. It includes this interesting little article by Jacob Howland (also available online): “Kierkegaard on Socrates in the Journals and Papers,” Søren Kierkegaard Newsletter 49 (August 2005), pp. 12-16. The article offers a sneak preview of some of the themes that will be developed in Howland’s book, Kierkegaard and Socrates: A Study in Philosophy and Faith (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in 2006).

The relationship between Kierkegaard and Socrates is complex and immensely fascinating, so I’ll look forward to reading Howland’s book when it appears.


Jim said...

Thanks for this Ben! Kierkegaard loved Socrates more than just about any other person who ever lived- perhaps even more than he loved Jesus and Regine. The book sounds grand and like you I look forward to its appearance.

existentialist said...

I second that thank you. My mom is a big fan of Kierkegaard and I have recently started to study Plato. I look forward to following up on the links in this post.

EarthCitizen #23 said...

When I was in Greece and at the 'site' of Socrates prison cell, I cried like a baby, I had made the bus driver stop and let me out,,, and NO ONE else moved from there seats to go with me,, I made them sit for a long while, as I cried there at that small hole in the cliff. Truly, my hero.

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