Wednesday 19 October 2005

Who reads this blog?

Here’s where the last 100 visitors came from:


Jim said...

A good representation Ben! Isn't it amazing that you have a voice "heard round the world"! I for one, by the way, always look forward to your postings. Even when you quote Barth and other ne'r do wells.


Sean said...

Well, when I'm in NZ - I read it in NZ. When I'm in SA, I read it in SA, and when I'm in the UK, I read it in the UK. Does that mean I could be 3 separate people on this graph? :)

tchittom said...

Where on earth did you get this fine graph? I'm totally ignorant about how to get this kind of information. Care to share?

Ben Myers said...

Hi Sean: Looks like this could make you my most international reader! But if you travel between SA and NZ, then you really ought to stop by Australia as well....

Thom, I just pasted the graph in from my StatCounter page (available free at Most bloggers seem to prefer Sitemeter (also free, at, which can do even nicer graphs. From Sitemeter, you can load up a graph that will keep changing as the visitors change.

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