Sunday, 6 November 2005

The Vatican on evolution and intelligent design

More details about the Vatican’s recent statement on faith and science can be found here, here and here. Cardinal Poupard defended evolutionary theory, and voiced “strong criticism of Christian fundamentalists who reject [Darwin’s] theory of evolution and interpret the biblical account of creation literally.”

In Rome, the statement was immediately understood as “a Vatican rejection of the fundamentalist American doctrine of intelligent design.”

The statement was made in the lead-up to the Vatican’s international conference this week on Infinity in Science, Philosophy and Theology.

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Orewan said...

Intelligent Design is not science. The idea proposes only a "who" without any attempt to explain "how" or even "what." The argument made by the school board's lawyers that they want to foster critical thinking in students by showing different "viewpoints" is unfortunately lacking in critical thought. There is no critical thought to be had about Intelligent Design, since it really involves mere faith, consisting of a thin shell that cracks upon any level of scrutiny.

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