Tuesday 15 November 2005

Good coffee

Scot McKnight raises the controversial topic of good coffee, and the response has been a flood of comments. I also added a comment about where you can find the world’s best cup of coffee. In spite of all the differences of opinion, one clear consensus has emerged from all this: Starbucks might sell fantastic CDs—but true aficionados go elsewhere for their coffee.


Michael F. Bird said...

Ben, I wish to protest that the words "Good" and "Coffee" can never properly go together and the former can never be an adjective of the former. Coca-a-cola on the other hand?

Ben Myers said...

What? Did someone just mention (shudder) Coca Cola in the same sentence as coffee?

R. Mansfield said...

With apologies to Spurgeon, "I drink my coffee to the glory of God."

Fat said...

Perhaps the well-balanced person could have good coffee and in the other hand (as Michael above) a Coke. I could handle that.

Although a good coffee, a nice old port and chocolate are a perfect late night supper.

I remember a wonderful parody of the Coke Ad of the 1970s on a poster in a christian bookshop - I just wish I had not been a poor student then and could have afforded the poster.

It was the same colouring and lettering in the same shape as the original.

"Things go better with Jesus-Christ - He's the real thing"

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