Friday 11 November 2005

The Boyer Lectures: Peter Jensen

The Boyer Lectures, established in 1959, is an annual Australian lecture series in which prominent public figures discuss major social, scientific or cultural issues. The lectures have been broadcast on ABC Radio for more than 40 years and have contributed significantly to public discussion and debate in Australia.

This year, the Boyer Lectures will be presented by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen. Focusing on the New Testament Gospels, Dr Jensen will be speaking on “The Future of Jesus,” and he will address the question: “What is the future of Jesus in the secular West?” You can see a summary of the six lectures here.

Peter Jensen is a very prominent public figure here in Australia, and I have great respect for him. Early last year I published an article on his theology, in Churchman 118:1 (2004), 27-45. I’ll look forward to hearing his Boyer Lectures, and I might post some comments on them in the coming weeks.

The Lectures will run for six weeks, beginning tomorrow, Sunday 13 November. They’ll be broadcast on ABC Radio each Sunday at 5pm, and repeated Tuesdays at 1pm. The lectures will also be available online (as transcripts and in audio).

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