Wednesday 30 November 2005

Forthcoming book

Blackwell is now advertising the forthcoming volume by Alister E. McGrath, entitled The Order of Things: Explorations in Scientific Theology. This book includes an introductory chapter by me, entitled “Alister McGrath’s Scientific Theology”; and throughout the rest of the book McGrath develops various aspects of the dialogue between theology and science. You can see a full table of contents at the Blackwell website.


s said...

Hi Ben,

What did you think of McGrath's responce to Dawkin's in Dawkin's God?


tchittom said...


Ben Myers said...

Hi there Simon. I don't know enough about biology to be able to evaluate the book's biological critique of Dawkins (but McGrath's own first doctorate was in Molecular Biology, so he knows the field).

My broad impression, though, is that it's a sane, measured and helpful critique of Dawkins. I certainly appreciate the spirit of McGrath's book: he has a lot of admiration for Dawkins, and he tries to offer a respectful and constructive critique.

When the book was launched McGrath gave a lecture which included some really interesting questions and discussion afterwards. If you're interested, the lecture and discussion are available here both in transcript and audio:

s said...

Hi again Ben,

Thanks for the link. I have finally got around to listening to the was really engaging. I have even passed it on to my A level philosophy of Religion students as a critique of atheism.

good, stuff. And BTW well done on the book thing! You must be a real brain!


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