Sunday 28 August 2005

Theology from a three-year-old

A conversation yesterday with my three-year-old daughter:

—“God is my Lord, daddy.”
—“Oh. Is he my Lord too?”
—“Yes, dad. He's everyone's Lord.”
—“Why is he everyone's Lord?”
—“Because ... because he's God.”

Exactly right too. Although she could just as well have said: “He is God because he's the Lord.”

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Anonymous said...

a three year old sees God with her heart and out of her truthful voice comes her reply."God is my lord"to quote a three year old i am 58 i was 55 when she was born,"he's everyone's lord" she replied to her father,"because he is God" was her last reply.and as we listen to her heart speak knowing in her innocence she knows God is real,and following her example,we awaken in our own innocence and follow her example as we have now become a child once more, even though we are old and grey,God has heard us pray as a child and our new found innocence will surely get us blessed.for we have come to the lord by quoting a three year old child, and believe every word she said,and God has opened up his ears as he heard us quote the three year olds heart in her words.

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