Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Is there a “secular worldview”?

Today many Christian theologians and apologists speak of a “Christian worldview.” Often this worldview is vigorously defended and asserted, while the inroads of various “secular worldviews” are just as vigorously denounced. I suggested in an earlier post that there is no such thing as a “Christian worldview.” And it’s also worth asking whether there is such a thing as a “secular worldview.”

What is meant by “secular worldview”? The very term is a tautology—if something is a view-of-the-world then it obviously relates to the saeculum (world), and is thus saecularis (secular; pertaining to the world). A “secular worldview,” then, is simply a worldview. And any worldview is, by definition, secular.

I think it’s therefore senseless for Christians to condemn any worldview simply because it is “secular”—just as it would be senseless to condemn a university for being “academic,” or a cat for being “feline.”


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