Tuesday 23 August 2005

The task and theme of theology: six theses

1. The task of theology is to interpret the gospel.

2. Formally, the theme of theology is the distinction between God and humanity.

3. Materially, the theme of theology is the history of the man Jesus (his life, death and resurrection) as the eschatological event of God’s deity.

4. These are not two distinct themes, but only two aspects of a single theme. This single theme is Jesus Christ.

5. Theology performs its task (i.e. it interprets the gospel) when it keeps formally and materially to this one theme.

6. Therefore the task of theology is to distinguish between God and humanity by articulating the identification of God’s deity with the man Jesus. To express this identification and this differentiation is to interpret the gospel.


Weekend Fisher said...

Hi there

My view of theology is a bit different. I've posted a semi-parallel over at my place.

Take care & God bless

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to say, I posted a similar comment at Faith Matters (alterfaith.wordpress.com)


Fat said...

Is it the task of Theology or is it our task with the help of the Holy Spirit?

Theology is a tool to aid our exploration and our view of what we have explored - rather like a drawing a map as we discover. We can of course add to the maps others have drawn to better see our place in the landscape but ultimately our theology will be the sum of our understanding.

The aim isn't a better theology but to better know God.

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