Monday, 14 November 2005

Five things

Brandon Wason tagged me with this “five things” quiz. I won’t do all of them, but here are a couple of my “five things”:

Five tasty things
1. Italian food, especially pasta served with a nice Italian red wine
2. Very rich chocolate mud cake
3. Very good espresso (my favourite is from Campos in Sydney)
4. Very cold Guinness
5. Another slice of mud cake (with another espresso)

Five things I would do with a lot of money
1. Buy myself a full set of the TRE, and then a set of RGG
2. Buy a holiday chateau beside a lake in Switzerland
3. Take a three- or four-year holiday in my Swiss chateau
4. Buy Sean du Toit his own set of Kittel’s TDNT, so that he doesn’t have to drive so often to the library
5. Buy a new car—since mine was in a crash this morning (no injuries!)


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