Thursday, 17 November 2005

Around the traps

Peter Leithart offers two excellent posts in praise of coffee, and another one in praise of Pope Benedict XVI’s learning and scholarship. Sven Harris makes a sharp and perceptive critique of Intelligent Design, Mike Bird muses on the confusing world of evangelicalism, while Clint Humfrey and Michael Haykin ask whether the Apostle Paul might have been a “Paleo-Blogger.”

Meanwhile, Jim West discusses a grim witch hunt conducted by some Tennessee Baptists, and Chris Tilling continues to investigate criticisms of the New Perspective, this time responding to Peter Stuhlmacher. Loren Rossen posts an excellent review of Dale Allison’s Resurrecting Jesus, and James Crossley reminds us of the dark side of Kittel’s TDNT. And, mirabile dictu, Joe Cathey has sent me a book.


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