Wednesday 7 March 2007

New journal articles

Some exciting new journal articles were published this week.

The new issue of Dialog 46:1 (2007) includes Robert W. Jenson’s excellent piece, “A Theological Autobiography, To Date” (pp. 46-54), along with a series of articles on Luther and Paul (including David Brondos’ humorously-titled essay, “Did Paul Get Luther Right?”). Dialog also includes an article about one of my favourite films: Jan-Olav Henriksen, “Grace – and Lack Thereof: A Different Angle on the Horrible and Unrepresentable in Polanski’s The Pianist” (pp. 55-65).

The latest New Blackfriars 88:1014 (March 2007) is a special issue devoted to “contemporary perspectives on the eucharist.” Among several others, there are essays by Nicholas Lash, “Traveller’s Fare” (pp. 128-41), Timothy Radcliffe, “Eucharist: Sign of Inclusion or Exclusion” (pp. 158-69), and Eamon Duffy, “Benedict XVI and the Eucharist” (pp. 195-212).

Meanwhile, the Journal of Religious Ethics 35:1 (2007) includes Roger Gustavsson’s massive paper, “Hauerwas’s With the Grain of the Universe and the Barthian Outlook: A Few Observations” (pp. 25-86).

And – in case you thought journals were simply filled with dry academic discussion – Zygon 42:1 (2007) includes a poem by my new friend Christopher Southgate, entitled “Crick, Watson, and the Double Helix” (pp. 257-58).

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