Monday 12 March 2007

2007 Gifford Lectures

Stephen Pattison has presented the 2007 Gifford Lectures in Aberdeen. His lectures were entitled “Seeing Things: From Mantelpieces to Masterpieces,” and they focus on the challenge of altering the way we conceive of vision and our relationship to visual artefacts. The titles of the six lectures are: “Ordinary blindness”; “Touching sight”; “Sticky objects”; “Getting personal”; “Drawing near”; and “Loving things.”

As always, the lectures will eventually be published. But for a limited time, the full texts of the six lectures can be downloaded here.

Thanks to Philip Ziegler of Aberdeen for letting me know about this.


::aaron g:: said...

I love the Giffords! My favourites are: William James, Varieties of Religious Experience and John Dewey , The Quest for Certainty.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you will find these lectures are not in the same league. However, I hope you might find them interesting and thought provoking. They are not very overtly theological, but they are certainly theological in the sense that they are about the whole of the created order and what we take to be real and important.

I'm delighted to see this link to the lectures and will follow any comments with great interest. Best wishes to all potential readers.

Stephen Pattison

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