Monday 19 December 2005

Faces in my study

Here are some of the faces in my home study.

The greatest of all philosophers: Plato.

The first great Protestant dogmatician: Jean Calvin.

The greatest of all poets: John Milton.

Seated side by side (where they belong), the greatest of all exegetes and the greatest of all theologians: Rudolf Bultmann and Karl Barth.

And, in a dark corner, with an entire shelf to himself, the greatest of all songwriters: Bob Dylan.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben -

What, no photo of the greatest of all cricketers Donald Bradman -imago Dei in pads, poetry in motion, music to any Aussie's ears (even if his sport was but "baseball on valium"!)?
(But how 'bout that 452 not out for New South Wales in 1930 - against Queensland!)

R. Mansfield said...

I especially like your Plato bust. I will have to find one of those for my library as well...

T.B. Vick said...

Awesome looking study. I loved the books in the pictures, and of course Bob Dylan is probably the most prolific of the thinkers :-)

He's at least the best musician of the bunch anyway.

Michael F. Bird said...

Ben, Where's Michael Servetus?

Ben Myers said...

Servetus: oh yeah, there's a bust of him in the cupboard, next to the bust of Pat Robertson. ;-)

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