Tuesday 20 December 2005

Blog of the week

Here at Faith and Theology, the new blog of the week is Pontifications. The Pontificator is always busy generating interesting posts and quotes, and this week he has done some splendid work, with posts on the incarnation, the secularisation of Christmas, Karl Barth’s view of the virgin birth (with an interesting debate in the comments), and a particularly fine post on the need to preach justification by faith “without too many buts.”

Further, in response to my recent list of essential theological books, the Pontificator offered his own excellent (and much more Catholic) list, which included many books that were excised from my list only at the final moment (although in addition to these, I nearly included Heppe’s Reformed Dogmatics and Brunner’s The Mediator, which I suppose would have made my list even more “Reformed”!).

If you’re not yet a reader of Pontifications, then head on over there for a look.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog via Pontifications (which I also just discovered). Have bookmarked both. Thanks! Great site!

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