Wednesday 14 December 2005

Around the traps

In response to my recent post on Bultmann, Sean du Toit has admitted—shockingly enough!—that he prefers N. T. Wright over Bultmann, and James Crossley admits that he prefers neither. Meanwhile, Todd Vick has been posting an excellent series of reflections on church tradition, Tyler Williams has offered food for thought about the maximalism-minimalism debate, and Jim West has listed his 20 essential books for biblical studies.

The industrious Justin Nickelsen has launched a new blog devoted to Henri de Lubac, and Chris Tilling alerts us to a rib-tickling new-and-improved edition of Karl Barth’s works, while Marc Heinrich tells you how you know when you’ve become obsessed with Calvinism.

On another note, I’m grateful to Todd Vick and Richard Hall for their kind words about Faith and Theology.

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