Thursday 1 December 2005

Church Dogmatics III/4

Summary: In Jesus Christ, the gracious command of God the creator sanctifies our creaturely existence and calls us into a life of freedom: freedom for God, freedom for others, freedom for life, and freedom in limitation.

Quote: “Obedience does not limit freedom. If the freedom of man is the freedom to which the command of God calls him, this freedom is itself perfect obedience. And if the obedience of man is that which the command of God demands of him, this obedience is itself perfect freedom” (p. 595).

Notable section: §53,3—Barth’s rich and moving discussion of prayer as an expression of our freedom before God.


xopher_mc said...

I love it when Barth sounds like P. T. Forsyth

Open Source said...
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Open Source said...

The student that helped Barth prepare that volume of the CD was a young German theologian called Heino Falcke. He went back to East Germany in the 1950s during the communist period where he became one of the most important theologians dealing with peace and environmental issues. Not much has been translated into English but you can see more
Particularly important was his 1973 speech to the Protestant church synod,
Christ liberates--therefore, the Church for Others
where he contrasted the freedom that comes from God both with political revolutions, which do not in themselves produce free human beings and which lead to new bondage, and with the scientific-technical revolution, which has opened up unimaginable possibilities for freedom but which also threatens freedom to an extent never before seen through the spectre of possible self-destruction.

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