Monday 17 March 2008

Around the traps

  • Rowan Williams talks about writing: among other things, he explains why he has never written any large books on Christian doctrine, and he also talks about his forthcoming volume of poems (which I’m eagerly awaiting!).
  • Cynthia announces a blog conference on Bulgakov, and David announces one on Balthasar.
  • Halden asks us to nominate our favourite patristic and modern Catholic theologians (mine are Augustine and Schillebeeckx – unless Augustine can also count as a modern Catholic, in which case I’ll nominate Augustine and Augustine).
  • Danny points to an interesting theological review of Badiou.
  • Kent briefly reviews five recent books on Pannenberg (my two cents: there’s still no better book on Pannenberg than Chris Mostert).
  • And Adam reviews Chris Huebner’s book of Yoderian explorations – I’m reading this at the moment, and it’s terrific; I like my pacifism with teeth.

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a. steward said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Huebner's book! I really loved it and hope it gets the wide audience it deserves. Right now I'm reading the second book in the series by Trippe York, called The Purple Crown: The Politics of Martyrdom. It is also very good so far.

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