Friday 13 July 2007

Theological interpretation of scripture

The other night, I enjoyed sharing a bottle of wine with Mike Bird, and we chatted a little about the theological interpretation of scripture (I tried – unsuccessfully – to defend form criticism as a valid way of interpreting scripture theologically).

Anyway, Mike has now posted an excellent piece summarising the nature of theological interpretation: “I understand theological interpretation to be the model of interpretation that focuses on the ecclesial context in which Scripture was written and on its utility for answering the theological questions confronted by its ecclesial readers, ancient and modern, when reading these texts. That means that one consciously approaches the NT not simply as a historical artefact as any other, nor as a source book for creating religious dogma, but as a document created by Christians and for Christians that speaks fundamentally a word from God and about God.” Well said!

And speaking of Mike, if you want to feel very lazy and undisciplined, just take a look at his list of recent publications….

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