Wednesday 25 July 2007

More on the friendly appeal

If you haven’t yet contributed to our friendly appeal for Joey, there are still a few days left – and every dollar counts!

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to say that some leading theology publishers – T&T Clark, Cascade Books, and Baker Academic – have also offered to support this appeal by donating books to Joey. If any other publishers or book distributors would like to get involved, just send me an email.

Update: IVP Academic and Hendrickson have also joined in.


W. Travis McMaken said...

Wow, Ben! Way to get the institutional support going!

One of Freedom said...

I missed this the first time. Glad you reposted.

Joey said...

Hi Ben,

I'm speechless... honored and humbled.

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Eerdmans, step up to the plate!

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