Monday 16 July 2007

More chocolate theology

Aaron has now greatly enriched our understanding of the theology of chocolate by producing a brilliant Willy Wonka Version (WWV) of Galatians 5:13-26. Here’s my favourite part: “if you are like Charlie, the scrumdidlyumptious Spirit will produce these lollies in you…”


Anonymous said...

Well, well, this very day in the UK Cadbury's has been fined £1,000,000 for food and hygiene offences after an outbreak of salmonella poisoning left forty people ill. Cadbury's admitted its guilt.

God's judgement - or sense of humour?

Anonymous said...

Depends on where one stands, and sometimes there is humour in God's judgement. Admission of guilt is fundamental to the theology of chocolate.

::aaron g:: said...

Like all theology, the only way to “understand” a theology of chocolate is to experience it. “Chocolate doctrines are accounts of chocolate affections set forth in speech.”

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