Sunday 11 February 2007

On certainty and theology

Aaron Ghiloni has posted an excellent Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology. The opening quote is from Schleiermacher: “We entirely renounce all attempts to prove the truth or necessity of Christianity....”


Christopher said...

Hello Ben,

I was told that you might enjoy this Haiku by David Bader from One Hundred Great Books in Haiku.

Paradise Lost

O'er and o'er God warned,
'Eate not th' Apple!' Man dids't and
God ballistick went.

Sure it misses some of the details but you have to agree that it nails the main plot, no?

Ben Myers said...

Thanks, Christopher -- that's a very nice summary indeed! Although if Adam had written this Haiku, he would have amended the second line slightly: "Eve did'st..."

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