Tuesday 9 January 2007

Expecting more

“Theology ... should expect more from God than that He should simply provide ideological support for the goals we happen to set for ourselves. That theology today by and large expects no more from God than this is a scandal.”

—Bruce L. McCormack, “A Scholastic of a Higher Order: The Development of Karl Barth’s Theology, 1921-31” (Princeton: PhD diss., 1989), p. 677.


One of Freedom said...

Theology must work itself out in the Church as the Church works out its theology in the world. I have a hard time seeing the value of theology without praxis. Great quote.

::aaron g:: said...

Expecting more means expecting other than what we want. We always protest the scandal. Exiled Israel wants redemption, but when that redemption arrives via Cyrus they demur. Captive Israel yearns for a Shepherd, but when that shepherd is not one of their own – when the Messiah is a Persian – expecting more isn’t so attractive (Isa 40-45).

BTW...hope you're enjoying the US.

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