Sunday 7 January 2007

En route to Princeton

I’ll be in Princeton for the next couple of weeks, doing some research in the Center for Barth Studies. Naturally I’ll still be posting here from Princeton, but there will probably be some gaps while I’m in transit.

Meanwhile, thanks to all those who have been contributing to my friendly appeal. I’ll keep receiving donations for the next few days, and then I’ll let you know how much we’ve raised.


byron smith said...

Have a great time away - Godspeed.

W. Travis McMaken said...


I'm looking forward to you're being in Princeton. As luck would have it, I - along with David of "The Fire and the Rose" - work in the PTS Special Collections, of which the Barth Center is a part. Though I will be busy writing papers over this coming week, the week after I would be very interested in making your acquaintance and having a chat with you.

Godspeed in your travels!

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