Wednesday 8 March 2006

Theology and GM foods

This article reports some differing theological opinions about the question of genetically modified foods. Have you given any consideration to this important contemporary problem?


::aaron g:: said...

This issue is discussed in the very provocative new book Colossians Remixed .

I'm using the book right now as I preach through Colossians.

Anonymous said...

Religion used to justify not only wars but GM too - sigh. Greed and squandering of resources by the wealthy create poverty. I'm just a regular Greeny vegan member of RAGE.

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult one, here in Tassie which would like to have a reputation as a GM-free state. Because of greed we are running out of fish as a source of Omega-3 so CSIRO scientists here are working on GM food that will contain Omega-3 extracted (I think I remember rightly) from seaweed. Maybe this falls into the "tilling the earth" mandate?


Weekend Fisher said...

I hope we just keep our eyes open and think about it. So many times when we have developed new technologies, we have been shortsighted about their long-term effects. In this case, we can't afford to make major mistakes because the products are living: self-replicating, competitive for goods. Our testing has to be better than ever before. Technology/innovation don't really have a QA department ... (an internal one). I suspect the GM discipline isn't mature enough to let its products loose yet. If nobody can really tell you what will happen 20 years from now if this gets loose / interacts with other species / competes with other species, then we probably ought to hold off til we get a clue.

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