Thursday 23 March 2006

Here and there

At Pontifications, there is a sharp and insightful Catholic critique of my recent post on fundamentals of faith. Chris Tilling continues his helpful series of posts on the question of biblical inerrancy, Douglas Knight discusses Robert W. Jenson, and Aaron Ghiloni has another interesting poll, this time on the strengths and weaknesses of Pentecostalism. And Rory Shiner suggests that theologians need to write more clearly (although I took a slightly different view in my comment to his post).

Meanwhile, I’ve been noticing some excellent new theological blogs. Christopher Petersen has started one with the great title Resurrection Dogmatics, James Willis has started The Truth Will Set You Free, Will Kirby has started Another Faith Blog, and Jason Goroncy has started the nicely-designed P. T. Forsyth Files.

But best of all this week, Thomas Adams from Without Authority has been posting on some of my favourite topics: first a post on Bob Dylan’s masterpiece, “Idiot Wind”, and then two great posts on Eberhard Jüngel’s masterpiece, God as the Mystery of the World. Clearly, Without Authority has earned the title of the new blog of the week.


Thomas Adams said...

Ben, thanks for the kind plugs and the "blog of the week" honor! I'm very grateful for your support of my little blog. I'll try to keep going with the Jungel series, although given the opaque nature of his writing, future posts may be somewhat slow in coming. Cheers, Thomas

Chris Petersen said...

Thanks for the plug, Ben.

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