Monday 13 March 2006

Jean-Luc Marion

Jean-Luc Marion is perhaps the most profound philosopher working today. Marion is both a devout Roman Catholic and a disciple of Jacques Derrida, and he has explored in great depth the post-metaphysical meaning of “God,” especially in his brilliant book God without Being.

So it has been a real delight to read Cynthia Nielsen’s current series of posts on Marion’s book Being Given (here, here, here, here and here). It’s an excellent series—and I hope it inspires you to read Marion’s work for yourself.

For this great series, Cynthia’s Per Caritatem is also our new “blog of the week.”

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Cynthia R. Nielsen said...

Спасибо большое моему другу, Бэн! (Many thanks, to my friend, Ben!)


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