Sunday 5 March 2006

Oxford scholarship online

My university library has recently subscribed to Oxford Scholarship Online—a marvellous database for theological research. There are currently over 1100 books in the database, and about 200 new books are added each year.

The religion section of the database contains numerous searchable full-text works, including books by (among many others) James Barr, David Brown, Owen Chadwick, Avery Dulles, Bruce McCormack, Mark Noll, David Steinmetz and Maurice Wiles; and including scholarly editions of works by Augustine, Charles Wesley, and others.

The database is beautifully designed—you can do excellent advanced searches, link directly to online material from footnotes, automatically export citations to Endnote, and more.

If your library isn’t yet a subscriber, then you should ask them to consider it, or to take out a 30-day free trial.

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lsnduck said...

Thank you for passing this on.

Fortunately, my University subscribes to it already as well. What a corking resource.

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