Friday 24 March 2006

Conference: Preaching, Teaching and Living the Bible

My own approach to the doctrine of Scripture has been deeply shaped by the work of America’s great theologian, Robert W. Jenson. So I’m delighted to hear that Jenson will be the keynote speaker at an ecumenical conference on “Preaching, Teaching, and Living the Bible”. His address will have the nice Barth-inspired titled, “The Strange New World of the Bible.”

The conference will be presented by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology in cooperation with the Duke Divinity School, and it will be held at Duke University, from 21 to 23 May. This will be a very stimulating three days of plenary lectures and discussions about how to read the Bible theologically and how to preach and teach it in our contemporary context. Along with Jenson’s keynote address, the banquet address will be given by Cardinal Francis George, and there will be plenary papers by Thomas Breidenthal, J. Kameron Carter, Ellen Davis, Richard Hays, Amy Plantinga Pauw and R. R. Reno.

The Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology generally publishes its conference papers as nice, affordable Eerdmans volumes—so hopefully the material from this conference will also end up in print.

If you happen to attend the conference personally, you might like to send me an email with some details about the papers or some of your own impressions, so that I can post an update here after the event.


Chris TerryNelson said...

It is unfortunate that this conference is happening at the same time as the Barth conference at Princeton. Which one would you go to>

Anonymous said...

Don't know why I always find out about these things after I've already made decisions about how to use my Continuing Ed...sounds good, I guess I'll just have to read about it. There should be a clearing house website for Continuing Ed events around the US so people can make better choices! mmmm...maybe that's a project for me.

Ben Myers said...

Yes, I was astonished to see that the dates coincide exactly with the Barth conference at Princeton. At times like these, you really need to be in two places at one time....

Anonymous said...

Go Barth all the way!

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