Monday 6 March 2006

A sinless city?

I loved the film Sin City. But what about a sinless city? Over at Connexions, Richard points out that developers in Florida are planning to create a town based on “Catholic principles.” The news report is here. The project will be funded by none other than Domino’s Pizza.

An endeavour like this has nothing whatever to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ, or with the Catholic faith. Apart from every ethical and theological objection, all good Catholics should know that Domino’s Pizza is a very far cry from real Italian food.


metalepsis said...

Hey Ben I live in Naples and I think that the news stories are a bit exaggerated. The owner of Dominoes is the backer and is a real conservative catholic (like forget talking to the diocese, I take orders from the Vatican), and has said some real foolish things about his vision for the town. However the builders who donated the land for the Church know very well that such a town can not exist in America. But the rhetoric is probably a ploy to get the intended type of people to move in, but it will probably backfire in the end.

Anonymous said...

Tombstone Pizza would be the more appropriate sponsor.

Anonymous said...

Sinless City? . . . not til Kingdom come.

Timbo said...

I'm interested - what was it you liked about sin city?

Ben Myers said...

Hi Timbo. I thought Sin City was one of the year's most interesting films. It had a terrific cast (Mickey Rourke in particular was superb, and Bruce Willis was also very good). But the best thing about it was the script, which was exceptionally beautiful.

Admittedly some of the violence and gore was a bit off-putting -- when a friend told me that he didn't want to see the film because of the violence, I told him just to listen to the film with his eyes closed, because the script is a work of art.

Kyle said...

Sin City made me dizzy.

And you know, I don't see how anybody has a "constitutional right" to buy condoms at the local 7-11 or pharmacy, either. Just do what I wanted to do when I bought alcohol in college, when I lived in a "dry county." Drive to the county line to "Last Chance Liquour."

I am from Kentucky. I am not making that up.

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