Monday, 31 March 2008

Here and there

Over at the excellent new blog, Christians in Context, Norman has started a series of “theologian trading cards” – the first one is Augustine. Another promising new blog is Scripture & Theology. And our own Chris Tilling (who is sick, poor boy) has a very helpful review-article in the latest issue of Zygon: “Engaging Science in the Mode of Trust: Hans Küng’s The Beginning of All Things,” Zygon 43:1 (2008), 201–216.

Meanwhile, Jason has a nice quote from Jacques Ellul on hell, while Aaron discusses resurrection and imagination. Halden warns us against hasty theological debate, and Chris has 10 propositions on confessions and dogmatics.

And if you haven’t yet seen Stuff White People Like, you should definitely have a gander – it’s highly entertaining! Oh, and if you’re in New York this week, you might like to go along to hear Charles Taylor.


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