Friday 4 April 2008

Quote of the day: even in America

Since we’ll be spending the last four months of this year in Princeton, my kids and I have been having lots of conversations about America. Here’s today’s highlight from my five-year-old daughter:

—Dad, are people in America healthy?
—I guess it’s the same as here. If they eat lots of good food, they’ll be nice and healthy. But if they just eat McDonald’s all the time they won’t be very healthy.
—Oh wow! Do they even have McDonald’s in America?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely priceless ... 'and for everything else, there's M-card!'

Reminds me of a debate I had recently with some American friends over the origin of Monopoly. Of course it started in Fiji! :-)

Unknown said...

Yes, but Ben are you prepared for the new wave of men's ministries in America?

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! I love it!

Of course my 6 year-old is brainwashed into thinking that she can eat all the McDonalds she wants and if she just drinks water she'll be nice and 'healfy'. ;-)

Ben Byerly said...

Nice! Thanks for the laugh. Someday my kids will find out what MD's is too.

Shane said...

We should concoct some elaborate lie you can tell you children about Americans. I love lying to small children.

Anonymous said...


I love parenting too! ;-)

Chris TerryNelson said...

Awesome stuff, Ben.

When do you plan to show them "Super-size Me"? ;-)

Anonymous said...

To answer the question, yes, they have McDonalds in America - but no koala burgers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe no koala burgers, but there's a pub not far from my place that serves kangaroo burgers. But that's Canada, eh?

Shane said...

Here's an idea:

Tell you daughter that everyone in America loves banjo music and that she should start learning the instrument to be able to keep up with her classmates in school.

Use this video as corroboration:

Steve Hayes said...

I had to travel to Hong Kong for my first taste of MacDonalds. Having heard so much about it, I thought I had to try it.


"There's only one thing wrong with never existed."

A few people did get sick and die before McDonald�s t�were incorporated.

Oh, and speakin� of theology -

Stay on groovin' safari,

Anonymous said...

But do the have Vegemite in America?

Shane said...

Vegemite is illegal in America actually.,21598,20623014-948,00.html


T.B. Vick said...

I needed that laugh today! Thanks Ben, this is priceless.

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