Wednesday 2 April 2008

April fool's roundup

Yesterday there were plenty of entertaining April Fool’s posts, including these ones:


Anonymous said...

There are two further rumors flying around in the outfield over ECUSA becoming the official denomination of MLB.

The first is connected with the rumored resignation of Rowan Williams - that he will not leave Canterbury for Durham, rather he will become the Commissioner of MLB. It has also been suggested that he will introduce Sharia Law into the regulations - which will make it tough on base stealers.

The other rumor is that, not Rowan Williams, but Gene Robinson will become MLB's Commissioner. If so, it is predicted that the born-again Colorado Rockies will file a writ for heresy, while it is devoutly hoped that the Yankees will stage a walkout. Personally, I hope that the Atlanta Braves will also leave, making it much easier for the Mets to win the NL pennant (the Philadelphia Phillies too, for that matter, but that is unlikely as they represent the city of brotherly love).

Doug said...

Ben, thanks for the link to the IVP one - I'd missed that. The highlight absolutely has to be the quotes.

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