Saturday 15 December 2007

Here and there

In the best Christmas post of the year, Kim argues that, instead of boycotting Philip Pullman, Christians should be boycotting nativity plays. And Dave Belcher relates a comically absurd incident of editorial intervention in a certain big religion journal (it’s even more absurd if you read the book review in question, which is utterly harmless and uninteresting).

Meanwhile, Jean-Marc was lucky enough to pay a visit to Karl Barth’s house in Basel. And in a bizarre news story here in Australia, a heated argument over creation and evolution led to the fatal stabbing of a scientist (note to self: never argue with a creationist – unless you’re as clever as Ali G).

In happier news, Halden gives us a sneak preview of his remarkable dissertation, which will argue that “the nation-state, global capitalism, and mass media function as simulacra of the body of Christ, embodying in themselves a perverse instantiation of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.” Can’t wait to see this one in print!

And in one of the many brilliants posts over at The Immanent Frame, Hans Joas discusses the relation between Charles Taylor’s Catholic faith and his analysis of modernity.


Jeremiah said...

I had to pass a few of those stories on, on my own blog. Thanks.

Dave Belcher said...

Ben, thanks for the link. Yeah, I wrote the post before I had actually read the review...when I did I was even more put aback. The whole time I was searching for the fatal never came.

Ben Myers said...

Actually, there is a fatal sentence in the review (he makes a passing remark about the relation between Hindu belief and social classes) — but you have to have a very acute sense of hand-wringing political correctness to be able to spot it!

Dave Belcher said...

I've just displayed my ignorance on such matters!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like the stabbing of a scientist was ultimately about Creation vs Evolution, but I think it's true that some creationists here in Australia are guilty of inciting hatred.

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