Thursday 1 November 2007

Two things

Two things worth reading: Aric discusses the evil of theological slogans, and Jason talks about Barth and Badiou. If you’ve never read Badiou’s Ethics or Saint Paul, then you should drop everything and read them right away!

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millinerd said...

Not sure if you're aware of Paul Griffith's article Christ and Critical Theory, in which he wrestles with Badiou:

"The sense of loss from which Badiou reads Paul is palpable. He needs 'a new militant figure... to succeed the one installed by Lenin and the Bolsheviks.' That figure (Badiou does not say but implies) is lost, frozen in the Gulag, crushed under the tracks of the Soviet tanks as they rolled into Prague, withered by the increasing willingness of China to accept capital's blandishments, and dismembered by the breakup of the Soviet Empire. This loss can, he hopes, be supplied by Paul, but only if Paul is disjoined from the fable that is Christianity..."

An interesting perspective.

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