Monday 26 November 2007

Around the traps

For those who missed AAR/SBL last week, Andy Rowell has recorded various sessions in mp3 (including papers by Charles Taylor, John Milbank, Robert Bella, N. T. Wright and Richard Bauckham). And JR notes that iTunes is now making available many free lectures from leading academic institutions like Harvard, Yale, Duke, Stanford and MIT.

Meanwhile, Jason criticises Žižek on freedom and authority, while Michael notices that David Bentley Hart would be a tough Scrabble opponent, and Halden reviews Paul Louis Metzger’s important new book on consumerism. In addition, Travis points us to Kathryn Tanner’s critique of social trinitarianism in the new issue of the Princeton Seminary Bulletin.

Finally, in one of his Kierkegaardian posts, Jason notes that “the malady of our age is mediocrity.” This reminds me of Bob Dylan’s painfully accurate observation in “Political World” (1989):

    We live in a political world
    Turning and a-thrashing about,
    As soon as you’re awake, you’re trained to take
    What looks like the easy way out.


W. Travis McMaken said...

Thanks for the link love, Ben. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben ... now I'm gonna have that awesome song in my head all day. Don't you just love that Hammond organ throughout the whole album?

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the heads up on the mp3s and blog posts.

piggybacking off of your link to JR, i recently posted about a lecture from william sloane coffin called "a politically engaged spirituality", downloaded from itunes.

check it out:

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