Monday 19 November 2007

Bob Dylan: Nettie Moore (live)

I recently talked about Bob Dylan’s excellent concert here in Brisbane. Here’s a sample from that concert – a live recording of his performance of “Nettie Moore.” This is my favourite song from Dylan’s latest album:

“Today I’ll stand in faith and raise
The voice of praise
The sun is strong, I’m standin’ in the light
I wish to God that it were night.”


Anonymous said...

unrelated to your Dylanism- i've posted the photo of you and that unknown guy from the book exhibit.

Rob Singleton said...

Hey Benjamin,

Did Bob Dylan really become a Christian through the influence of Keith Green?

I've always heard that but never really had it verified?

If it is true, he seems to have drifted, but I was wondering if he still has an interest in spiritual things. From the lyrics you shared it would appear he does,

Anyway, great post and blog.

You don't seem to be "religious" (which is a good thing. But you are definitely 'spiritual.' I just read an article ( I think it was in "Christianity Today") that said 'even though church attendance is steadily declining, the search for spiritual significance is on the rise."

I'm a pastor and love reaching spiritual seekers with the hope and love of God, but I'm not too thrilled with 'religious people.'

Hey Benjamin if it's not too much trouble can I ask you a favor?

I'm frustrated with my blog. It's about half as old as yours but nowhere near the authority. As a pastor of a large church, I have close to 800 readers a day on my blog, but still have a very low authority on Technorati. I want people to see this beyond North Carolina, but I guess I don't know how to get people to link and that seems to be the issue. I mean, I’ve learned that this is because I don’t have enough links to my blog site.

Why does this matter? Because I want to start reaching out to people beyond just the church, and to do that I need to get this blog up higher on the search engines.
I was wondering if you would be willing to put in a link exchange with me at If so, please send me an email to showing me where you’ve linked it and I will do the same. I know you will want to make sure we are on the up and up, so please check out our church, and my blog to see if you would be comfortable with doing this. I've seen enough and know that I am. I usually do mine on a blogroll or a biweekly article called, "Cool Links."

Look forward to hearing from you!

Pastor Rob

Anonymous said...

He is superb in concert!
Bob at Wembley was scintillating.
Glad you enjoyed the Brisbane concert. I was wondering whether it would live up to expectations.
Looking forward to a coffee soon...

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